The world of Naeisus is ablaze with the fires of a long-fought war.

The five races are locked in a furious struggle for a single relic: the Yultah Crystal. Currently shattered into its six component shards, the crystal promises world-shaping powers to whoever wields it. Yet among the fighting, one man allows the words of his son to resonate in his mind. A share of power is better than none at all. With courage in his heart and a plan in his mind, King Areth III sets out to unite the races as his great ancestor once did. However, not all share in his passion. The chaotic Captain of the Forsaken forces, Levana, manipulates even her own Queen, Lucia, in an attempt to turn the tides of war in her favour.

The Korkrenus are missing, the Marusi are hiding, and the Wolven are showing increased aggression. King Areth III must overcome these immense obstacles if he is to achieve his ultimate goal and secure a peaceful future for all denizens of Naeisus.

This is where the ferociously fast-paced tale begins. The Age of Reckoning: Volume I is the award-winning debut novel from Thomas Anthony Lay, and the first novel set in the wider world of Naeisus. With a plot that flows like a raging river and breath-bating action, this story is sure to grip fantasy fans from every walk of life.